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Default Wheel Size/Fitment Guide

Taken from:

1. 17x8 and 17x10
2. 35 offset and 41
3. 235/40 and 275/40
4. JIC FLT-A2 Dropped about 1.75"
5. No problems


1. 18x8.5 18x9.5
2. 38 all around
3. 234/40 275/35
4. Stock
5. No Probs

1. 17x8 (Front) - 17x9 (Rear)
2. +44 offset
3. 245/40 (Front) - 275/40 (Rear)
4. Sumitomo HTRZ II Tires
5. Tein SS Coilovers Dropped roughly.. 1.75"
6. No problems

1. 18x9 (Front/Rear)
2. +35 offset
3. 245/40 (Front) - 265/35 (Rear)
4. JIC Coilovers
5. Lots of room in the back for 285s or?
6. Front rubs at full lock going up driveway or steep dip, had to roll fenders in
7. 18x9 a little too wide for the front, but possible

BR sports
8.5x17 front 235/45
+43 offset? just a guess
10x17 rear 275/40
+35 offset? just a guess
Bilsteins and Stock springs, soon to be RSR race springs. middle setting front and rear.

some bullshit ebay wheels
18 x8.5 front 40mm offset
18x9.5 rear 40mm offset
section coilovers ~2.5 to 3 inch drop
0 camber, 0 toe in the reear
~2.5 deg neg camber front
no rubbing issues ever, but the front wheels could use about a 28 or 30mm offset, as a result of the camber issue

Volk Racing GT-C's in black. 18X8 front (face 1), 18X9 back (face 2). Bridgestone SO-3s 275/35/18 back, 255/35/18 front. Tein HA's, as low as they go. No Problems whatsoever.

konig villains:
17x9, 30 mm offset, 275/40s all around, tein RAs. fitment is a bit tight (needs MORE offset, 35-40 mm would be perfect), you'll have to roll the fenders to get rid of rubbing.
17x7, 40 mm offset. far too dorky, sits too far in the wheel well.

The classic RP01's
1. 18x8.5 and 18x9.5
2. 45mm offset (front and rear)
3. 245/40 and 275/35
4. Tokico Illumina II's w/Eibach springs ~1.5'' drop.
5. No problems

ADR cyper
18x8.5 all around
35mm offset
intraxs with kyb's
no problem

Volk GT-U (coming real soon)
1. 18x9 (front) +31 offset ~2.913386" lip according to calculator
2. 18x10 (rear) +38 offset ~3.188976" lip according to calculator
3. 245/40 (Front) 275/35 (Rear)
4. Tein Type FLEX Coilovers
when running GT-7 w/same size but different offset upfront:
5. Barely room in the back for 285s or wider
6. Eventhough fenders are rolled front rubs at full lock going up driveway or steep dip or from rebounding

Work Equip's S lip
1. 18x8.5 front +43 offset
2. 18x10 rear +45 offset
3. 235/40 275/35
4. St springs stock shocks
5. Index finger width between rim and shock in rear
6. No rub

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